VR who we are

2020 This project is produced as part of the Summer Sessions Network for Talent Development in a co-production of V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, and supported also by CBK Rotterdam.

“VR who we are”  is an interactive VR installation aimed at exploring the creative process of the artists that took part in the Summer Sessions this year. By virtually rebuilding real-life land- and city-scapes relating to each of the participating makers in the Unreal game engine, Mihai opens up these spaces and associated past moments to an interactive scrutiny. He then navigates these environments together with the makers exploring how each one draws their respective creative processes from these points in space and time, while simultaneously recording these experiences. This material is then used to create a stand-alone experience that an audience can navigate independently and through which they can explore the multiple red-threads of the artists’ practices with them narrating their memories, thoughts and impressions.

The goal was to research ways in which one can engage with one’s own creative process in a non-linear fashion, specifically looking towards the past as an interactive point, and highlight how that translates into and influences current practices. By bringing multiple layers together, past/present, here/there, self/other, Mihai wanted to question his own perspective over what the end goal of  his creative process is: should clear-cut utilitarianism and direct messages be the overarching goal, or is there a complementary intrinsic value in open-endedness, abstraction and interpretation? And what emerges at the point where these two dimensions come together?