Solid Maybe

– 2021 – AV project in collaboration with Teddy shouldn’t smoke

Solid Maybe is a story of fear, anxiety and losing and finding oneself again, expressed through a mix of location-based dance performance and video-mapping. This project was an extension of a self-contained dance performance research in collaboration between choreographer Marijke de Vos and myself. As part of this collaboration I worked on a short film that was then used as the basis for projection mapping on location.

The short was built upon a mix of different genres and story-telling techniques: within the research stage, de Vos and I worked together to develop movements and phrases that take advantage of the possibilities of moving images (e.g. performing certain phrases in reverse and then flipping them over in post production, hidden cuts, time remapping, post-processing, etc.) to create a parallel visual world that accompanied the live piece through spatial projection.

Stills from registration on location: