VR who we are II

– 2021 – based on a previous co-production with V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam

This test iteration of the project focused on exploring more personal and open-ended stories through virtual recreations of the environments they took place. As part of my presentation for the TestFest organized by TimeWindow and WORM Rotterdam, I guided audiences through a virtual version of the neighborhood I grew up in in Cluj-Napoca Romania. After a short walk through the streets I grew up on, I stopped next to the apartment building my grandmother lives in and planted a virtual poplar, before fast-forwarding to watch it grow. This digital tree was connected directly to a folder on my computer, and as it grew it replaced sets of bits in a special folder containing failed grant and project applications with 0s, thus progressively corrupting and ultimately erasing them. The landscape itself was based off of 3D and texture data ripped from Google Maps and rebuilt in Unreal Engine.